9 Women’s Health Issues that Require Timely Support

women health issue
March 1, 2023 0 Comments

Women’s health concerns are numerous and complex. From reproductive issues to mental well-being challenges, women face unique health complications while entering different phases of life and require timely care and support.

While we have made great advancements in women’s health and wellness, a lot needs to be done. In this blog, Jacksonport Medical the best skin care clinic in Calgary–  Clinic will share 10 female health issues that require timely intervention. Read on! 

Menstrual Health

Menstruation is a source of temporary discomfort and pain for billions of women globally. A lot of them observe cramps, excessive bleeding, stomach pain, and other symptoms that affect their daily lives. 

Hygiene products and pain relief medications are commonly used during the period of mensuration. However, medical support is required in case of extreme pain and bleeding.

women health issue

Reproductive Health

Women face several issues with fertility during pregnancy as well as childbirth. Reproductive healthcare, family planning services, and prenatal postnatal care are widely prescribed to women of reproductive age going through health challenges.  

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Breast Health

Breast cancer is one of the most critical diseases women fear and face in modern times. When a woman encounters breast cancer, her health as well as overall happiness are impacted. 

Jacksonport Medical Clinic recommends regular breast screening to help prevent breast cancer in women. Early detection can lead to the prevention of this fatal disease.

Sexual Health

Maintaining healthy sexual relationships is a must for both genders but women are at greater risk of infections. The health support for women in this field includes access to contraception, prevention of infections, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Informing young women about sex education and sexual health is crucial in this regard.

Mental Health

Shouldering diverse responsibilities, modern women in Calgary are feeling more anxious and stressed. They often need support accessing mental health services and resources during these challenging times.

Therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes are often referred to improve mental support for women.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain significantly impacts women’s quality of life. In fact, it impacts women more than men! They require support in managing chronic pain and the same is done through pain management therapies.

At Jacksonport Medical Clinic, we have diverse pain support plans in place to help women.  

women health issue

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases like arthritis impact thousands of women in Calgary. Such conditions degrade overall health drastically and drastically bring down overall happiness.

Support women around you in understanding autoimmune diseases and consult medical professionals for appropriate treatments and therapies.


A condition affecting millions of women who have crossed the milestone of 50 years, osteoporosis causes weakened bones and an increased risk of fractures. Help women around you maintain optimal bone health through exercise, a balanced diet, and supplements.

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Heart Disease

Heart disease is a common cause of death among women. Women in Calgary require extensive support in understanding their risk factors and accessing preventative measures.

Regular workouts, a healthy diet, and timely medical check-ups can help check the risk of heart disease.

Health Issues for Which Women Require Support

Women’s health issues are complex and can turn chronic if left unaddressed. At Jacksonport Medical Clinic, we bring an experienced team of doctors and health professionals to lend the right medical support to the women of Calgary.  

Are you looking for a medical consultation? Share your health challenges with info@jacksonportmedicalclinic.ca and our health experts will get back to you. We promise science-backed treatment plans and friendly advice.

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